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Graduated Adult Program

Options for adults who have graduated from grade 12


You are a Graduated Adult if you:

a) were 19 or older on July 1 of the current school year (if you WERE NOT 19 on July 1st, then you can take any course for FREE, but may need to place a $100 deposit for materials) and

b) if you have graduated from grade 12 in BC or any other place.

The Ministry of Education has recently announced that as of May 1, 2015, there will be changes to the academic upgrading opportunities for graduated adults. Please see the Ministry’s News Release for more information. 

Graduated Adults may take any Literacy Foundations courses without paying tuition fees.

More information on Tuition Free Foundation Courses (click here)

As of May 1st 2015, NBCDES will charge adults, who have already graduated, a non-refundable tuition of $550 for any grade 11 and 12 upgrading courses (such as Biology 12, Pre-Calculus 12, English 12 etc.). This cost includes all taxes, student fees. This does not include any refundable book deposits (if applicable).

**This fee is NOT refundable once the final registration assignment(s) has been marked and processed**

Is there any way to reduce the tuition costs? YES!

If you are a graduated adult and successfully complete a literacy foundation course, you can take any adult upgrading course at a reduced non-refundable cost of $300, for up to three courses(this does not include any refundable book deposits). By successfully completing a related skill building Literacy Foundations course (which are all free of tuition) you will prove that online learning is right for you, and also have the skills necessary to succeed in the upgrading course (courses such as Literacy Foundations Mathematics Level 5 through 7, Literacy Foundations English Language Arts Level 7, or Literacy Foundations Information and Communications Technology). 

**Please note, you must start the upgrading course within 1 month of completing the applicable literacy foundation course**

~Please contact NBCDES to inquire which Literacy Foundations course is right for you.