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How do I use Audacity?

If you wish to use an external microphone/headset make sure it is plugged in BEFORE you open Audacity. (Or quit the Audacity program and start it again after you have the microphone or headset in. You then won’t see the Internal Microphone button – which, though it looks like a drop down menu, isn’t.)

Click on the record button (red dot) and record. To stop the recording you can click the stop button (yellow square), or tap the space bar. Tapping the space bar again will play the recording.

To delete the recording select the track and tap the delete button or go under Tracks on the top line and Remove Tracks.

To continue, click past the wavelength with your cursor. It will insert a line as below, then click the record button again.

This will add another track below the original one, but will save as one continual track.

NOTE: if you delete any part of the track it all deletes because even though it looks like separate tracks it considers it as one track.

Once the recording is what you want, you need to save it as an MP3 file.

Under File choose Export. Name the file in the Save As (using our naming convention: last name space first name space space course initials with grade level space space module space assignment ie: gibos linda en10 2 1) box. Choose where you want it to save (Desktop makes it easy to find); and from the drop down menu choose MP3 Files.

Click the Save button – you will then be asked to Tag the recording:

Complete as much of this as you wish and click OK

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