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How do I submit my work digitally?

Follow these instructions.

Proper file name:
Files must be named clearly. They must identify the course, section and paper being done, as well as who (first and last name) has written the paper.

Setting up the file:
Please set your file up so that the marker has a clear indication of what it is that they are marking. Label each question clearly.

Only one assignment per file:
Please do not submit more than one assignment in each file. Doing so makes it very difficult for our clerical and our teachers/markers to work with your assignments and there is a possibility that you will not get credit for all the work you have done.

How to submit audio files:
Any work that requires an audio file to answer the question should be done in a program called Audacity. For instructions on how to install Audacity, click here.

Where to email your work:
Send all work done digitally to:
nbcdesworktobemarked @ learn60.ca