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How do I install Audacity?

Audacity is a free Audio Editor and Recorder.

Download Page (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Always download the Beta version, UNLESS you are using Windows 98 or ME. The latest release is 1.3.11 (for Windows 98 or ME 1.3.7 is still available).

Download the program.

To find where it downloaded:

In Windows go to the green start button in the lower left corner of the screen and find the ‘C’ drive. Open Audacity.

On the Mac it will download as a folder onto the desktop. Drag the folder into your Applications folder if desired. (If you are going to be using this program regularly, drag the Audacity icon to your dock for easy access.)

Double click on the Audacity icon to launch the program. You will need to choose the language you want (most will want English) and then you may get the following window pop-up:

Click Allow.

Once launched you will get this welcome screen.

It is suggested that you just click OK here, rather than “Don’t show this again at start up”, so that it can be easily found if you do need help.

After clicking ok you should see this screen:

Move on to “How do I use Audacity?”