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How do I create a PDF file in Windows?

Microsoft has not included a PDF system in their OS. In Word and other Microsoft products, there are ways to save to PDF. But, what if you want to do it from a program that doesn't have the option? You print to PDF. As long as the program can print, you can generate PDFs.

Step one is to down load the software from http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator. Once you are there, click on the logo:

When prompted, choose to save it to your desktop. After the file is downloaded, choose to Run the Installer.

You may go with the default settings, by just clicking Next. One of the spots that you might want to fill out is the name of the printer.

Once you have completed the install, you can start using it right away. Go to your favorite program and choose Print. Select the PDF printer and click Print. An option screen will come up. At this point, you can choose to Save. It will ask you where to save. You can save it to your Desktop or in your Documents folder. Name it with your name and what course and module you are working in.

Then you can email your work in or use the Digital Document Management System, if you have been given access.